Our Story

Hi! I'm Trace, founder of ROAM Snacks. I first lived in Asia when I was 15 years-old, where I attended high school and traveled extensively throughout China and southeast Asia, and later attended university as well. These life experiences proved to have profound effects on me, and my interests in health and sustainability began to flourish.
Seven years ago we embarked on a journey to develop an environmental-friendly snack packaging. The result was a proprietary, petroleum-free compostable material. Our quality of packaging is reflected in our snack foods as well!
After developing our unique packaging, we embarked on an adventure to develop our crunchy, delicious, plant-based crisps. I reflected back on my experiences in Asia and the foods I often ate, and quickly realized shiitake mushrooms and jackfruit were my all-time favorites! I was always eating fresh jackfruit and cooking mushrooms. Fast forward a few years and after dozens of personal treks to our remote farms in Vietnam and China, we now craft whole, plant-based, sustainably-grown snacks. 
ROAM's goal is to create remarkable food products that are beautifully crafted, good for you and good for our planet!
Thank You!
Trace Ostergren
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